After many years of private teachings, The Acknowledgement is sharing invaluable spiritual insights into the journey of soul awakening, to accelerate the pace in which you awaken and connect to your higher self through a membership based website that offers customers access to podcasts released regular. This website uses WooCommerce






Project Testimonial

Dawn, I promised to give you a review awhile ago, but due to being totally addicted to social media (because of YOUR excellent training), just haven’t found the time until now…. Before I came across you 6 months ago I was a complete novice and didn’t think I could ever do my own social media.

I was a complete beginner with no facebook, twitter and the whole concept of social media quiet frankly scared me. You put me at ease right from the start and are excellent at explaining the ins and outs of social media to promote business, you advise on the best strategies to use, and how to utilise social media effectively. Being an apprehensive beginner in all of this, I can sincerely say you explain, teach and educate in the best possible way; simple, fast and genuinely taking an interest in my business, all within one session.

You have been great at answering all my questions as they have arose putting me at ease and back in control again, providing continuous support. Now 6 months on, my business has in excess of 7000 likes on Facebook and I would say I am completely addicted to facebook business page, I schedule my posts in advance and feel like an expert… I know so much more than my colleagues and friends who have had no training, and would totally recommend you to anyone; whether they are a beginner like me, or anyone wanting to become more confident with the business side of social media.

Thank you again so much for being an integral part of this wonderful journey that my business and I are on. Couldn’t have done it without you girl….

Sharna B Varraichi 
The Acknowledgement

Sharna Varraichi

Owner, The Acknowledgement

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